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Land Readjustment (Rotterdam)

This Master’s degree thesis project is situated in the heart of Rotterdam, a city that underwent a dramatic transformation after World War 2 through a planning method known as Land Readjustment. This approach not only altered the medieval parcellation of the city, but also incorporated new roads, cycling paths, green spaces, courtyards, and parks into the city center. This case study on Rotterdam focuses on the use of Land Readjustment and details the process of regenerating the city center. Rotterdam is a significant city in terms of architectural design, and the practical application of Land Readjustment presents it as a utopian city in Europe. The urban quality of the city center, particularly the Coolsingel Boulevard, and its environmental elements, can be introduced as an intriguing case study.

The role of Land Readjustment in rebuilding the
city centre of Rotterdam after the Second World War.
Rotterdam, Holland
Masters Degree Thesis Project