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Why the system is going to be developed?

The system is being developed because the current website of CAMP Research Group does not fulfill their needs. The current solution does not provide users with an option to register for CAMP’S seminars, therefore the client does not have a clear overview of the seminars and their participants. In addition, the design and overall layout is uninviting and hard to navigate.

What will be done?

The team will develop a website with an intuitive, welcoming and easy-to-navigate user interface. The provided solution will make it easy for the admin to create and manage their events, as well as participants, rooms and lecturers. Visitors of the website will be able to see information about the research group, researchers connected to CAMP, contact information and events organized by CAMP, as well as possibility to sign up for a chosen event.

When will it be done?

Working prototype of the system will be developed within 18/11/2022 and 16/12/2022. The prototype will be presented to CAMP Research group afterwards, where decision whether to continue with the project will be made.

How will the job be done technically and managerially?

The team will use SCRUM as their main methodology adapted to their project. The solution will be developed using Java Spring Boot and MySQL database in combination with React.js and Typescript.


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