In 2019, I participated, voluntarily, as an architect in the research project SEGMIX. A group of anthropologists from Sweden and Denmark created the SEGMIX project. Firstly, the project focused on how urban diversity was managed in national and local policies and interventions, and in everyday practices in segregated neighborhoods in Malmö and Copenhagen. Secondly, the anthropologists had a wish to offer insights into the best practices of social sustainability. This was where I, as an architect, came into the picture. Taking on a mixed methodological approach, I contributed by designing architectural elements that would increase social interaction and sustainability in a very diverse urban landscape. More specifically, I focused on incorporating elements of identity into the urban landscape.

New shop design in Mjølnerparken
Mjølnerparken project Changing urban design of ghetto area.
Denmark , Copenhagen (Mjølnerparken).
Collaboration between Anthropology and Architecture.