Architecture Work


white arkitekter internship


The concept of this museum is to combine form, line, shape, that presents the whole project through a simple modern rhythm, and balance shape. It follows the to create a simple, but dramatic design. The main concept of this project is to play and arrange orthogonal prisms near each idea of ‘less is more’ which the combination of orthogonal prisms for modern contemporary art museums illustrates. other to achieve a spectacular shape.

bedst arkitektur

This project will make use of glass,  design of the façade conveys the  steel and reinforced concrete in the main façade.In addition, it will use large windows with open plan in this modern design. The use of this  message that “less is more”. material is part of a modern move- ment that has moved away from the  traditional building materials of tiles  and bricks in Iran. The minimalistic

arkitekternes engine house
arkitekternes løb
arkitekternes hus
arkitekterne køge
Design project
Location. Iran
Museum of Contemporary Art

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