Soheil Fattahieh

Computer science (DATAMATIKER)
MA Architecture and Cities

Study computer science (Datamatiker) at (KØBENHAVNS ERHVERVSAKADEMI) .

Married to my Danish wife Anja. Together we have two girls. I have a MA in architecture and cities from the *University of Kent, England.

*The university of Kent maintains a strong position in QS World ranking.

During my bachelor ‘s degree in England, I have made various projects on architecture in England, Holland, Japan, and Iran. In addition, I have been worked as an environmental technician in a Danish company where I have worked for the last five years.


Softwear & IT SKILLS


  • Back-end programming languages: Java, Python

  • Back-End Framework: Spring Framework, Java Fx, Swing

  • Front-end programming languages: HTML, CSS, JAVA SCRIPT

  • Databases: MySQL

  • Version control: Git

  • Content management system: WordPress

  • Experience with: Power Bi

  • Composite structure diagram: Visual Paradigm

  • Digital image editing and graphic design: Adobe Photoshop

  • Architecture Software: AutoCAD 2D/3D


Freelance Web designer


Web design for the department of anthropology, University of Copenhagen, personal website and professional companies.

Design websites: