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Autocad of soilsample


Forklassificering af vejareal

‘Forklassificering af vejareal’ is one of the biggest projects ever taken on by the Danish company Jordkonsulenterne. I was part of the project and in charge of the following three tasks. Firstly, I created AutoCAD 2D drawings as a way to identify pollution in the different layers of the soil. These drawings were part of an environmental engineer plan. This plan was sent out to customers and municipalities on a daily basis. Secondly, I analyzed the soil by taking soil samples and sending them to the laboratory. Thirdly, I took professional pictures from the projects. I worked with the pictures in Photoshop. After that, I sent the pictures to customers and I uploaded them on the company’s webpage. The project needed careful attention to detail to make it successful. I have gained experience in project management, IT development, and engineer drawings from working on this and other projects for Jordkonsulenterne.

Autocad 2d of whole project
make a plan whith autocad
autocad 2d and 3d
Forklassificering af vejareal, Carsten Niebuhrsgade.
Copenhagen, Denmark.
AutoCAD 2D project and soil analyse.